Talking Montessori Interview of Rosemary Fleck with Daniel Scruggs

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Rosemary Fleck sits down with Daniel to offer a home window right into her fifty year span as a Montessori moms and dad, guide, manager, as well as institution founder. Many Thanks to Trinity Montessori School in Charleston SC for the meeting space. * this is the initial episode and the technical problems were abundant, we’ve learned so much as well as talked to a couple of other amazing Montessorians because this interview in early 2020. Many thanks for your passion and support. MONTESSORI 2020 Be on the lookout for more meetings with Montessorians and also Child Centered educators and also academic chances … Interviews currently taped as well as in the editing procedure are: Melissa Fleck-Aller, Marie Therese Bishay, and also Helen Fields. With Gratitude.