Moderator Steve Lenox organizes an argument offered by Hudson Media Group as well as Sponsored by Stevens Jersey City Ford in between incumbent Denise Ridley and challenger Kristen Zadroga-Hart. We will certainly be inspecting the [More]
John Heinis Moderates the Jersey City Ward F City Council Debate in between Frank Gilmore, Vernon Richardson, as well as Incumbent Councilman Jermaine Robinson. We will be keeping an eye on online conversation here on [More]
Fernando Uribe moderates the Debate for Council at Large
We’ve invited all 3 prospects for Ward D’s City board Seat to this discussion at Hudson Media Group. Our Producer as well as Owner Rub O’Melia is moderating. Incumbent Yousef Saleh and also Danielle Freire [More]
Steve Fulop & Lewis Spears Debate ahead of the 2021 Jersey City Mayoral Election Regulated by John Heinis & Pat O’Melia
The Jersey City Ward E City Council Debate for the November 2021 Election. Incumbent Ward E Councilman James Solomon and also Ward E Candidate Jake Hudnut argument under the moderation of TapInto NJ’s Steve Lenox.