CBS2’s Meg Baker has the most recent on the sentencing of a Jersey City policeman convicted of attacking a male while he got on fire.
CBS2’s Alice Gainer has the current on the lethal shootout in New Jersey that left one law enforcement officer, three civilians, and also 2 suspects dead.
It’s the first time the Garden State is holding early, in-person voting. CBS2’s Christina Fan reports.
Discussion forum funded by the JCEA with Ron Greco, Osomo Thomas, Brigid D’Souza, Monete Johnson as well as Ahmer Qadeer. Conversation of the financing of the public & charter schools in Jersey City.
From arrangements of baked blossoms to five-pound milkshake or smoothies, these are 11 reasons New Jacket is one of the most underrated state. For additional information on the areas (featured in sequential order), browse through: [More]
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A baby was left deserted at a Jersey City restaurant Wednesday.
In an initiative to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus, state federal governments are proclaiming requireds to close bars as well as restaurants other than for pick-up or delivery orders. New Jersey is currently [More]
Matthew Schapiro and also David Miranda Jacket City School Board of Education candidates 11/7/17 Jersey City United Better Education for New Jersey Kids, Inc .