We check out the world renowned Tyrannosaurus rex, File a claim against, at the freedom science Facility in New Jacket! @Liberty Science @JurassicTyranosaurus @Jurassic World @Jurassic Park Fansite @Dinosaurs @Skyheart’s Dinosaurs @T- Rex Ranch – [More]
We simply mosted likely to an influencer preview of the Dino Dig at @Liberty Scientific Research Facility in Jersey City New Jacket and also it is AMAZING!!! Generally a HUGE (outside however protected) 1,750-square-foot sized [More]
Meet Sue the World’s many total and also finest maintained Tyrannosaurus rex!
We were just held by Liberty Science Center in Jersey City New Jersey to come check out their brand-new “Sue the T-Rex Experience” which was SO COOL! After the gallery, we drove simply down the [More]