(16 Jul 2009) HEADLINE: Police: 5 NJ policemans shot in gunbattle ————————————— INSCRIPTION: Five Jersey City law enforcement agent were fired, and two of them remain in vital problem, after a gunbattle that burst out [More]
(11 Dec 2019) FOR CLEAN VARIATION SEE TALE NUMBER: apus127966 The mayor of Jersey City claimed Wednesday it’s clear that the shooters in an angry shooting that left 6 people dead targeted a Jewish market. [More]
(20 Jul 2009) HEADLINE: Death ‘brewing’ for Jersey City law enforcement agent ————————————— CAPTION: Officials claim a Jersey City law enforcement agent critically injured in a shootout with two burglary suspects last week has actually [More]
(22 Oct 2021) FOR CLEAN VARIATION SEE STORY NUMBER: 4349734 Jacket City, New Jersey, programmers and also authorities committed a permanent brand-new 80-foot tall sculpture labelled Water’s Soul that depicts a young female with a [More]