Rubik’s Cube Solved Within A Minute! Unbelievable! Liberty Science Center Jersey City

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Rubik’s Dice Addressed Within A Minute! Incredible!!!

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This video is shot at freedom science facility jersey city long time earlier. This is late post as this Rubiks Cube area is currently shut.

This was a remarkable area.

Will you have the ability to fix Rubik’s cube within a min? Inspect this video clip of robotic resolving the Rubik’s cube within a minute. This video clip is a series of 2 videos. In the beginning robot resolves the first Rubik’s cube. The Robot can solve any type of complexity Rubik’s dice. It resolves the Rubix cube within a min or two as well as often within seconds depends on the intricacy and also the first Rubik’s cube is addressed! within 58 seconds. We passed a new Rubik’s cube as well as this is resolved!
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Rubik’s Cube Solved Within A Minute! Incredible!!!

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