Jersey city, NJ parking authority street sweeper parking scam

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This is not your typical programing for this channel and I recognize I will certainly obtain alot of flack by posting this yet, this is a on going problem I would like to reveal.

Jersey city, NJ car park authority road sweeper vehicle parking fraud

At $110.00 bucks a ticket and with brand brand-new road sweepers fours days a week of street cleaning (2x per side a week this is insane) This street is one instance of lots of Jersey city parking authority still do unclean properly yet, will happily offer homeowners tickets parked on the wrong side of the road for road sweeping. They also come when its pouring rain (which is insane) … To me this is a money making scam to swindle locals that’s been taking place for years … Mayor Steven Fulop when will certainly you place a stop to this????????????
Do we really require 4 days of road cleansing???????????