Jersey City Dominican Flag Raising

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The City of Jacket City, Mayor Steven Fulop, the Municipal Council Members and also the Workplace of Cultural Affairs are honored to acknowledge Juan Pablo Duarte Association and the Dominican-Americans on their 177th Wedding Anniversary of Independence of Dominican Republic during the Flag Raising Ceremony on Friday, February 26, 2021. Anthems of both countries were played.

The Dominican area has contributed greatly in many locations of our society to the social and also economic textile via out Jersey City, Hudson County as well as New Jersey State. The richness of ethnic practices and social origins of the Dominican American community offers as an instance to our autonomous system of values.

This memorable occasion is a representation of sociability built in between the United States and also Dominican Republic and our enduring love for flexibility, liberty and also democracy that today the world is still influenced by.

Jaime Santana, Vice President of JPD Association
Alma Santana, President of JPD Association
Lilliam Banner, Vice President of JPD Association
Pastor Bruce A Banner, JPD Association Member
Council President Joyce Watterman, Municipal Council of Jersey City
Councilwoman Mira Prinz-Arey, Ward B of Jersey City
Mayor Steven M. Fulop, City of Jersey City
Councilman Jermaine D. Robinson, Ward F of Jersey City