How online ratings make good schools look bad

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GreatSchools is America’s greatest school rankings site. However what do its ratings in fact gauge?

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They generally look at the top quality of an area’s institutions when moms and dads are investigating where to move. But excellent data on that particular is hard to discover. That’s where a website called GreatSchools has actually grown. GreatSchools prices practically every public school in America on a scale of 1 to 10. But when we evaluated those ratings, we located that they almost never ever offer high ratings to schools in poor neighborhoods– despite the fact that data from their own website shows that numerous of those colleges do an excellent job teaching trainees.

This video is a collaboration with Chalkbeat, an education information site. To learn more concerning GreatSchools’ scores, read their story here:

EdWeek reported on how GreatSchools changed its scores system in 2017:

As well as just recently, researchers have actually located that the GreatSchools ratings may also have a result on housing prices, locking poor individuals out of more wealthy areas: is a news website that aids you puncture the sound and comprehend what’s truly driving the events in the headlines. Look into

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