Gentrification Explained

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” Gentrification Explained” is a short video that unpacks what gentrification actually suggests, obtaining past the buzzword. The video addresses what brought about gentrification, what gentrification appears like on the ground, and the influence of gentrification on communities, including variation.

( Check out our variation explainer video, Pushed Out: Displacement Today and also Lasting Impacts, if you haven’t already:

So, why did we make this video clip? Gentrification is complicated as well as requires some discussing. To understand it, there are 3 vital points to take into consideration:.
1) The historical problems, particularly plans and also practices that made communities susceptible to gentrification.
2) The way that main city disinvestment as well as financial investment patterns are occurring today as a result of these problems.
3) And the manner ins which gentrification impacts areas.

We need to assist make certain that as brand-new financial investments form throughout our areas as well as cities, these financial investments generate healthy and fair opportunities for every person.

Created by: UC Berkeley Urban Displacement Project, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, and also The Great Communities Collaborative, a campaign of The San Francisco Foundation.