Dino Dig Adventure – Now at Liberty Science Center!

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Reveal ancient dinosaur fossils hidden in greater than 60 tons of sand at DINO DIG EXPERIENCE!

At Liberty Science Center’s brand-new, 1,750-square-foot exterior area, guests are submersed in the landscape of an actual paleontological dig. Discover 3 dig pits and also uncover fascinating fossils poking out from the sand.

Mine fossils from 7 various dinosaur types hidden in greater than 60 lots of sand. Reveal reproduction fossils of bones, eggs– even dinosaur poop!

Many thanks to a giant canopy, motivated by the form of an Ankylosaurus, visitors can enjoy Dino Dig Adventure in (virtually) all kinds of climate.

Dino Dig Adventure is consisted of as a whole admission. Get tickets currently: https://lsc.org/buy-tickets