Dean Kamen Liberty Science Center Genius Award Acceptance Speech

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“Popular culture is frustrating the very peaceful voice … of the individuals fortunate enough to be right into scientific research.”

Intro by Susan Sarandon, visitor look by Will.I.Am.

Dean Kamen is a developer, an entrepreneur, and also a vigorous advocate for science and technology. Dean and his company DEKA Research & Development Corp. have actually invented many ingenious medical tools, including the AutoSyringe ™ infusion pump, the Baxter HomeChoice ™ peritoneal dialysis system, as well as the iBOT ™ mobility tool for Johnson & Johnson. Dean and also DEKA have actually also created various other sophisticated innovations, such as the Segway ®, the DARPA-funded “Luke” prosthetic arm, an enhanced Stirling-cycle generator, and the Slingshot ™ water purifier that is being distributed in partnership with Coca-Cola. Amongst Dean’s proudest accomplishments is establishing FIRST (For Inspiration as well as Recognition of Science and also Technology), a company devoted to motivating the following generation to comprehend, appreciate as well as use scientific research and also modern technology.

Freedom Science Center CEO, Paul Hoffman organized the night.

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