Cops are checking out a fatal capturing in Jersey City.
Multiple individuals, including a law enforcement officer, were eliminated in a capturing in Jersey City on Tuesday. Cops said 2 suspects were firing from inside a convenience store. Both suspects were located dead inside the [More]
Hefty shooting was traded Tuesday throughout at the very least an hour in a Jacket City area. If anybody was harmed, it was not yet clear. SWAT teams responded to the scene, as well as [More]
A policeman and numerous others were eliminated in a shooting in Jersey City Tuesday that authorities claim is not believed to have been a terrorist strike. #JerseyCity #NewJerseyShooting #Shooting One officer was obvious dead at [More]
3 Jersey City policeman obtained promotions Wednesday, being identified for their heroism throughout the harmful hate criminal offense strike in December; CBSN New York’s Jessica Moore reports.
A Jacket City law enforcement officer was injured when a minimum of one gunman opened up fire in a cemetery and then left right into a bodega, where he proceeded shooting at police officers and [More]
Jersey City authorities Sgt. Majorie Jordan raced into a hail of gunfire on Tuesday, Dec. 10, 2019 to help a fellow police officer that was injured by shooters that killed 3 people in a grocery [More]
A Jersey City police officer is being identified a hero after capturing a 1-month-year-old child from a second-floor veranda.
Authorities validate one police officer was shot as well as two suspects are proactively being looked for in Jersey City. CBSN New York’s Aundrea Cline-Thomas records.