The 1st Jersey City Board of Education debate of this election cycle included both five-person slates coming out swinging on subjects that included super PAC money, financial obligation, the institution area’s next superintendent and a [More]
It was a big election night in Jersey City for the instructors union as the JCEA Education Matters ticket of Lorenzo Richardson, Joel Torres, and Gerald Lyons won seats on the board of education and [More]
New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy and also Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop are asking for a college board participant to tip down over remarks she made about last week’s deadly capturing. Katie Johnston records.
More residents are running to join — and control — school boards across New Jersey. Anger and frustration at school board meetings are often over issues that local board members can’t really control — like Gov. Phil [More]
Jacket City Mayor Steven Fulop introduced Friday he wishes to take control of the School Board by assigning its members– and also finishing public School Board ballot political elections.
Meet 4 prospects running for the Jersey City NJ Board of Education. The election is November 5th, 2013. Meet Carol Lester, Carol Gabriel, DeJon Morris and Kevaan G Walton.
After just two prospects made a public presentation before the Jersey City Board of Education last night, Lekendrick Shaw was designated to act as a trustee and later confirmed he’ll be keeping up “Education Matters” [More]
Matthew Schapiro and also David Miranda Jacket City School Board of Education candidates 11/7/17 Jersey City United Better Education for New Jersey Kids, Inc .
After greater than two years of negotiations, political elections, and also tension, the Jersey City Board of Education (JCBOE) approved a brand-new contract with the educators union via the 2016-17 institution year. While not quite [More]