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Mathematics is fun! We visited Freedom Science Center for Jersey City Pi day.

Complete episode web page– https://thislearning.com/products/jersey-city-pi-day-2016.

Pi day is a possibility to commemorate mathematics and see exactly how it manifests itself into the real world. Children of every ages saw math in activity as they developed their very own cars out of wood forms (geometry!), made paper aircrafts (angles!), as well as took part in hands-on activities by a lots enrichment business including Sylvan Learning, Mathnasium, as well as maker spaces like Kid Bilt and also JC Fab Lab.

Pi is the beloved mathematical constant (3.14 …) that is the ratio of a circle’s area to its diameter. Beloved? Yes! LLCS signed up with forces with Google Expeditions as well as Parson’s School of Design & Technology, in addition to a choose group of partner-sponsors like Mathnasium to provide the community with the best “STEM-centric” experience for youngsters of all ages. This year, more than 1,000 guests joined Pi (π) Day and taken part in a selection of hands-on tasks, such as online truth exhibits, apps, kid-generated video clip games, robotics, crafts, as well as parlor game. Pi Day is also a crucial fundraising event for the Learning Community Charter School. LCCS offers 585 trainees from around Jersey City.– LLCS